"Dharti Mata Ki Jai"

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The Temple was formerly set up in the early 1970’s in the City of Nottingham and has since evolved into an institution that now covers a wide spectrum of activities, promoting the Hindu ethos in many ways ranging from Religious, Cultural, Social, Festive, Educational and Charity events to the practice of Yoga.The establishment of this Temple is unique in that the original foundations were set so as to represent all deities of the Hindu Trinity.
These include Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva incorporating the 16 Hindu Sanskars known as the ritual sacraments that are conducted with Havan (holy fire) Mantras of the world’s most ancient tradition of the Vedas.The Executive Committee is constantly striving to satisfy the present needs of its patrons and members and at the same time contemplating on the long term aspirations of the future generations of the organisation.
The Hindu Temple is fully accessible to people with special needs. For information about anything to do with our Temple or Hinduism, please contact us directly at info@hindutemple.org.uk.

For any bookings of special events or support during bereavement, please contact Secretary Veena Sharma on +44 7496 556111 or Panditji on +44 7305 505766.

Charity number: 502392